The Coffee Note By Jo Prescott

The Coffee Note was originally featured at Thinking Ten A Writers Playground 2010

My coffee was cold and I had a choice, abandon it and catch the 1:40 or drink it and catch the 2:00. My feet were cold too and I had just decided to stay where I sat on the floor hunched over my tiny notebook, when I remembered I wanted to go to the store. I still had a minute, so I jumped up grabbing my notebook. The cover fell open and out slipped an envelope.

I knelt down and picked it up as though it were on fire. I slipped my finger under the seal. The paper resisted, but then it snapped and with a deep breath I freed the tiny slip of paper from deep inside.

The edges were torn. I could barely make out half a coupon for a free coffee when you bought one coffee and muffin. I took another breath and turned the weak paper over.

Dear One Sugar, Milk and a Hint of Cocoa,

I haven’t seen you in the café. You use to come in every day but it’s been weeks. I didn’t realize it until you stopped coming, but I use to watch you sip your coffee and write in your notebook. I use to wonder what you wrote. What made you smile? Making your coffee was the highlight of my afternoon back then and I never told you because I always thought you’d be back tomorrow. Today you came in, not in the afternoon but at night with your friend, the one with the loud laugh. And I couldn’t let you leave again without telling you that I think about you – all the time. I see the way you try to hide in the corner, even with your friend. I see you blush when people took at her laughing. I know you think that you’re invisible. But I see you. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything and I hope you won’t feel weird about ordering your coffee. But I’d rather you know and hate me, then never know at all.

I love making your coffee, maybe you’d let me buy you one sometime.

I left my cold coffee and ran for the bus.


JM Prescott writes outside the lines; whether it is for Halogen TV, Tomato Can Consulting or private clients – she also manages writing contests for ChiZine Publications and is editor-in-chief of The Glass Coin. She is currently moving across Canada, from the Muskokas to the Rockies, in search of things she’s never done before.


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7 Responses to The Coffee Note By Jo Prescott

  1. vision791 says:

    Thanks Jo, for sharing your work with us.

  2. Jo, I hadn’t read this before today! I would have ended this the same way!!! Wonderful, anticipatory/hopeful build-up! (Can you tell I like this?)

  3. gita8 says:

    Jo, I liked this when I read it the first time because the whole secret admirer thing is so delicious. And especially because she so nearly managed to miss the note.
    But I had to wonder how he managed to write so many words on a “tiny” piece of paper.

  4. Jo, I have never read a story you’ve written that I did not enjoy. You are quite gifted!

  5. A splendid tale, as ever

  6. pauldbrazill says:

    Smashing story.

  7. Man, did she “perk up”.

    Way to go Jo. Nice to meet the enthuse of the muse of your writings.
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

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