Lydia Stefanovska

Lydia Stefanovska debuts at cavalcadeofstars this week with beautiful poetry and her first short story. Lydia sometimes uses a translator. She calls her poems songs. I love the way they sing.


Like a monk across the Alps
with pine and red trains
with a suitcase of locked passion
and broken affection I arrive

But the old lady is missing
with a glass of wine and good will
who brought me
The wooden masks
are chasing demons
and hold the sun

On the edge of the wind leaned
the fortune teller repeats:
Time gives nothing

* The Title of the song is a line from Jacques Prevert’s poem “Besides”.

~ Lydia


In another world
we’ll transform into birds
And everyone will be taken
by the burning purple
in their Ithaca*
We’re to weave love
Until we’re expecting
the new birth
in human form.

*Ithaca-an island of Odyssey



On a bad day
you will see an unknown
reflection mirrored
from the kitchen tiles
you formed and named

On a bad day
with Rhapsody by Ravel
the clear space
changes the color
and you see the darkness
lay a blanket over you.

~ Lydia

When all is an omen

Sometimes destiny strikes a blow, puts its finger on lives. I think of it relentlessly while sitting in the café occupied by a few couples and some school-girls who came in for a cup of coffee.
I’m thinking about the young soldier, a true story I was told by a friend named Andrija. Here in the same café he had invited me before he went on a trip and among the others he told me the story of a destiny being an omen. When all is known on the third night as the three fairies predict in a dream. When the swirl plays a game with life as it did with the young soldier who was on a break at home.
While Andrija was thus sitting, he retold the story that the plane the young soldier missed thanks to his mother who had washed his shirt with all the military documents, crashed with no survivors. Yet, his life was not spared. The following day, he was found dead in bed by his mother. His heart failed due to excitement or something else.
In fact, that’s what the three fairies had predicted in the dream. There’s no escape from what is written. “And let us live life breathing it with whole lungs” added Andrija.
Only his voice echoes in thoughts, rebounding in the interior and the music being outshouted. It seemed as his face turned into a shadow. Somewhere on the road the sound of the guitar stops and so does his breathing. “Somewhere in the distant is the Judgement day and will turn us into shadows”-Andrija would say.

He promised to call. And he never has!

~ Lydia


Hopeless people
in heavy blues and smoke
senses untied are flowing
a feeling on the wall
by revelation strained
a false tranquility

through the open angle
of white bats’ game
fluttering the shadows

in the moment
do we exist ?

~ Lydia


No one told me
the white horses
in storm growl
and Lucifer’s hand
writing on a tracing paper is cheating

Nothing is there
only an architecture of depth
and between the lobbies a sound
of an ice fugue

~ Lydia


When all the evil speaks
from the eyes of the snakes
the unbaptized waters flow
They swallowed
smiles over the rite
shamans performed
The road bends
and leads to silence
The prayer starts
Birds sowed the incense
where the legend took place
Since then the smile
comes itself between people
when the snow falls.



In the midst of a lake immensity
within an old espadrille
there is a burning candle
Like a winged cross

You see a decade after
Words are being born

And as if you were baptized again
on the Chagall’s canvas
in the water through the ether
you are looking for the lost blood

~ Lydia

Lydia Stefanovska- I am living in a beautiful place by lake Ohrid in Macedonia. Teacher by profession and Poet. Published one book of poems “Illusory Time”.
my poems have also appeared in various literary magazines.


About vision791

Pushcart nominee Jeanette Cheezum has been published on several online writing sites and in fifteen Anthology books and four poetry books. Three of these books have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. Awarded The Helium Networks Premium Writer’s Badge, Bronze Creative Writing Award and a Marketplace Writers award. Recently she has published thirteen ebooks at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You may find a list of some of her work at
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19 Responses to Lydia Stefanovska

  1. the fortune teller repeats:
    Time gives nothing

    That line lingers, dear Lidija like the promise to reopen the suitcase of passion. Your poems indeed ARE lyrics and crave the lilt of music to their attunement. Your touching appreciation for nature and the arts runs rampant like a brushstroke on a daring spree through your works and sense of expression.

    Weaving love in one’s Ithaca . . . changing the colours of darkness in the key of Ravel . . . outshouting the music with shadows that the three faeries of destiny well presumed . . . false tranquilties . . . architecture of depth to build upon . . . the knowing legend people from when the snow falls . . . Tis no wonder the candle glows near Chagall’s canvas and words be borne. Your thoughts so splayed, impregnate phraseology to literature.

    Brava my friend who drinks beauty,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

    Then again, I’ve always loved your warm flair of style.
    Brava dear lady,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  2. These are wonder-full.

  3. Lydia says:

    Thank you so much dear Jeanette… I am so glad about my poetry and my first story into your beautiful issue.Thank you dear lady- Kate and Kathleen for the beautiful words.
    Hugs and Ciao
    ~ Lydia

  4. Gita says:

    Lydia, your poetry is exquisite. English is my first language and I can’t write poems as good as yours — not by 1,000 kilometers. BRAVA, and never stop.

    • Lydia says:

      Thank you dear Gita…. I am working on my new book of poetry.Translation is from some friend of mine,teacher by profesion.I am glad that you liked all this
      dear Gita. I will never stop….Thanks so much….
      All the best,
      ~ Lydia

  5. Dragan says:

    Wonderful story Lidia !
    …There’s no escape from what is written. “And let us live life breathing it
    with whole lungs”…

    …The road bends
    and leads to silence
    The prayer starts…

    I congratulate the wonderful story and beautiful poetry my friend Lydia
    I wish you success in the future,

    • Lydia says:

      Thank you so much my friend Dragan!
      Yes,There’s no escape from what is written… are right Dragan.
      “Tradition” is one of my favourite…. I wrote this one by whole my soul and some
      of my pain….
      Thank you so much Dragan,
      With my best wishes to you,
      ~ Lydia

  6. kihuPotru says:

    amazing poetry and the story too. nice reading ~

  7. Lydia, I didn’t know you had it in you to write such a charming story. Of course, it’s sad what happened to the soldier, but your words are beautifully wrought.
    I knew your poetry was of a high caliber. The story was another pleasant surprise.
    Excellent work.

    • Lydia says:

      I am so glad Michael that you liked my short story.Thank you so much Michael
      about beautiful words,it mean’s to me a lot.
      Warmest regards,
      ~ L.

  8. Lydia, you know well how much I think of your poetry, and now your fiction. You are the kind of poet who has figured out how to lay your feelings on the table and telling readers, “Here are new images! New roads to understanding what is inside me!”

    Sal Buttaci

  9. harrybsanderford says:

    Deep and Lovely all, Lydia!

  10. Sheila Deeth says:

    Lovely introduction to Lydia’s writing. Thanks.

  11. A very strong selection of work. Some smashing lines.

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