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Annmarie Lockhart of Vox Poetica debuts this week at cavalcadeofstars. Stop by anytime read a while and celebrate her birthday this week.

“Let the Goddesses Decide”
By Annmarie Lockhart

Athena wants you killed,
Aphrodite wants you wounded.

While they strategize
how to
conquer and recapture,
I sleep
on a bed of hyacinth
and narcissus,
and await your fate
as they decree it.

Rain will wash the day clean,
mercy may thrive in the sun.
But slivers of silver, shards of sharp
will still glimmer bright in full moonlight
guiding your deft fingers to those places
on me where it still hurts.

Fifteen Hours
By Annmarie Lockhart

Fifteen hours
confine and bind

limit our space
and can’t contain

the scope and scale
of word and act

of sky and sea
of read and write

across the page
where bodies, hearts,

and minds entwine.
Bare skin, bare bones

of tale and act
expand, contract

and speed the hours
stretch the minutes

rewrite the course
turn back the tide

and give us leave
to toll the hours

both fore and back.
No narrative

nor foregone plot
can hold our pens

to start and end.
No fifteen hours

should limit then
our unwrit words

now read aloud
in kiss and touch

and show and tell
and racing pulse.

Fifteen hours:
elastic time.

What Lies Inside the Alamo
By Annmarie Lockhart

There is a wall, like the ruins of the Alamo;
inside it lie the ruins of your heart.

Not exactly ruins, more like remnants,
barely blooded, faintly pulsing.

Around the wall, once, twice, countless
times, I look for some way in

because I need to see it for myself,
to hold it, make it bleed.

Every way is barred, even though rocks
fall down, crumble, dust

up the ground I walk around unable
to get inside. I can’t climb

over, vines hold the whole thing up
in places, no digging under

the cracked, dry ground long since
given up life and aquifer.

But the only place I want to go is
inside the falling walls

to hold the heart in my two hands,
jolt it back to life,

defibrillate the near-dead thing
and let its color rise.

I lean back against the caving wall
to regroup and I wonder

if my pale heart is as heavily
guarded as yours.

Painted Portrait
By Annmarie Lockhart

I told you I didn’t and
really, I don’t. But you
did ask me sweet with
that sexy voice and all.

Downpayment kisses
for pleasures to come
enticed me to give up
the eye candy appetizer

you craved. I tossed aside
principles and clothes for
words and kisses and the
serpent’s promise that my

body as it is today, alluring
and impermanent, would
not go unremembered and
unremarked upon some

decayed decades hence
when all that will be left
to me is Hepburn’s tremor
and a dust-shrouded memory

of a living hourglass that
once made a mortal man
wish to slow and stop the
spendthrift sands of time.

Twelve Moons
By Annmarie Lockhart

Twelve far-flung love bites
fill a year in full moon nights
against the dry days

counted like penance
leaving me hollow, barren
‘til the moon rises

full again, ripe with
the water of one month’s life,
bursting from the wait.


Annmarie Lockhart is the founding editor of vox poetica, an online literary salon dedicated to bringing poetry into the everyday. She is also the founder of unbound CONTENT, an independent publisher for a boundless age. A lifelong resident of Bergen County New Jersey, she lives two miles east of the hospital where she was born.


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  1. siubhan says:

    Wow, Annmarie. I was speechless after the first piece. Bravissima.

  2. Bobbie troy says:

    I am always amazed at the depth of your work, Annmarie. I love all of them, but especially Let the Godesses Decide and Inside the Alamo. Not only are you a wonderful poet, but your work in promoting others is tireless. I am sure many of us in this vast but intimate community of cyberwriters feel the same way.

    • I am inspired by your writing every time I think about something new Bobbie! Your ability to say a great deal with a handful of words is legendary. I thank you for your kind words.

  3. Diana E. Backhouse says:

    A very enjoyable read. I am new to your work, Annmarie, but shall now seek out more.

  4. Thank you Diana! I admire the work Jeanette is showcasing here and I’m proud to be a part of it. I’m glad you like these poems!

  5. vision791 says:

    Annmarie, it has been a pleasure to have you here.

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