“Forever” In Lies

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“Forever” In Lies
By: Nicole E. Hirschi

Dreams of spring danced before closed eyes and even more so when combined with the sounds of children’s laughter. Butterflies flitted from flower to flower in time with the birds’ musical splendor. Sun warmed shoulders, forgotten smiles and a state of innocence returned making a broken heart feel whole again.

She was a girl again, wearing cut-off jeans, lying in the grass, watching the clouds roll by in the blue sky.

“Look, that one looks like a fish!” Her best friend said excitedly.

“It does!” She definitely agreed. “I wonder what it would be like to be a fish, swimming in the water without anything to worry about.”

“I bet it would be great.”

She rolled to her side toward her friend, and picked a handful of grass then threw it at him.

“I bet it would get boring after a while.”

He sighed and looked over at her. “You’re probably right. Maybe it would be more fun if we could be like Arthur in ‘The Sword and the Stone’.”

But she wasn’t thinking about fish or being someone else anymore. She was imagining what it would be like when the two of them were married and old.

“We’ll be friends forever, won’t we?” Her words echoed in her dream as she felt it slipping back into the dark crevices of her memories.

The room around her was dark, and she could feel warm tears on her cheeks and where they had spilled over onto her pillow.

Her world had seemed perfect. The two of them together through everything, finally engaged and planning a fairytale wedding. That was, until her world was ripped apart by the woman who showed up on his front porch two weeks before the big day, claiming her undying love for him.

She was a woman who he had known in college, someone he had grown close to the semester she had to go home and help with her dying father. He told her it was nothing, but overhearing them on the front porch screamed that it was more than just nothing.

Out the window she could see someone moving in the car.

“Mama, mama, can I come out now?” A small voice called out the cracked window.

“Yes baby, come on out!”

Wedding plans were thrown to the wind as old flames were re-united.

She never got the goodbye conversation, nor the one about how they had had a child together. She guessed she was just the friend who was persistent enough to take him away for a while.

The plastic mattress cracked beneath her as she sat up, rubbing sleep from her eyes. They were no longer best friends, never to be a married couple, and couldn’t last forever in any futuristic time-scape. In her eyes, it was when he warmly greeted his daughter, gathering her into his arms and passionately kissing her mother. In his eyes, it was when she walked out of the house, pulling the trigger and taking every last ounce of life from his one true love.

He’ll come back to me, with daughter in tow. She tells herself so convincingly that for a moment she believes it. He’ll come back to me when I’m out of this place and forgive me.

Sounds around her tell her she’s no longer alone with her thoughts. Her cell mate coughs and rolls over trying to catch a few more winks before the overhead lights flicker on.

She closes her eyes, feels the sun on her face as it rises in the sky outside her bared window, and relives one fleeting moment from her memory, “We’ll be friends forever, won’t we?”

“Of course we will, silly, cos someday we’re gonna get married, and have kids, then be like old wrinkly grandmas and grandpas that no one wants to visit, but it’ll be okay, cos we’ll always be together, no matter what.”

“No matter what…”


Nicole E. Hirschi writes when time and muse agree with her. Also known as Coraline J. Thompson, her short flashes can be found splashed across the net and in a few books as well. Read more of her work online at http://WordVamp.blogspot.com

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11 Responses to “Forever” In Lies

  1. Harry says:

    Too bad she couldn’t see she’d already dodged a bullet before she pulled that trigger. 🙂
    Good going Nicole!

  2. mdjb says:

    Nicely constrained within the bounds of soft madness, so she gets some of our sympathy, but we still realize she is guilty of murder. Congratulations, Nic. Your tale is neatly turned out.

  3. loverly, then pop! oh my just when I thought you were getting all girly..

  4. It is always my pleasure to read something of Nikki’s. She constructs plots the way one would expect of an excellent writer, and she always delivers!

  5. Lydia says:

    My pleasure too to read this story,I really loved.Wonderful description too.Thank you Nicole!

  6. alisa haller says:

    True to form my dear. Deliciously evil!

  7. Nic you capture transience beautifully here. A hairtrigger on a tear.

  8. Nichole, it has been delightful having you here at cavalcadeofstars.

  9. Splendid story. Liked it a lot.

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