Wendy Staley, known to her friends as Sugar, makes her debut on cavalcadeofstars. After a busy Labor Day weekend cozy up and read Moonlight.

By Wendy Staley

First appeared at Six Sentences.

On a tree-shaded corner in a hectic township, Moonlight Bookstore, a turn-of-the-century shop welcomes regulars with its creaking hardwood floors and antique fixtures. Housed in a red clay-brick building, its red double doors have remained unaffected by the whims of the other store owners on the street as they renovate to state-of-the-art buildings and the latest fad in café au lait shops moved in down the block.

Every Monday morning, she scrapes open the tall window-paned door with a brass bell hanging from the doorknob announcing her presence among the book-lined shelves and bins of paperbacks. She adores Moonlight and inhales the scent of ink, freshly brewed coffee, and old wooden floors.

Her senses are heightened by remembrance of a chance meeting surrounded by Moonlight on a cool October day when he grabbed napkins and helped her clean up her spilled coffee from the rough hewn floor. She remembers his smile, his easy way of talking to her when she was frazzled by work, his warmth against her in their large poster bed under a down comforter surrounded by pillows, and she remembers his words of promise to never leave her, and so she comes to Moonlight to be close to his memory and be charmed again by the one thing that hasn’t changed in her life.

Sugar is the sweet combination of Tinkerbell and all things pink who occasionally channels Mae West. Why don’t you come up and see me sometime? She is proprietor of the 6S Sugar Shack where she goes heavy on the spirits and easy on the eyes.


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6 Responses to Moonlight

  1. Gita says:

    I like the important small details in this, like the scrape of the door, the smells of ink and coffee and the warmth of the man in question. I think this is what good storytelling is about. YOu make me want to walk through the red doors.


    Amazing always what Sugar Mae Wendy can do with the sensual way she spins word-memories which sometimes taunt the soul into a softer prettier way of holding on to the good side of a greater hurt. Her words delineate and conjure all the esteemed author Gita up there has to say . . . and then, like walking in through the open red doors or the never fully closed memories, they make you . . . linger, in the noble places of your mind.

    And what a charming name for a bookshop ~ Moonlight … I’d go there all the time (more so for those kind of encounters) Brava Shoogs ~ You speak *femme*.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate
    AT THE BIJOU and ramblin’ around WebTowne

  3. Diana E Backhouse says:

    I think I’ll join Gita and Kate in Moonlight. You have painted a picture that I’d like to inhabit. I haven’t yet bumped into you on 6S, but you have made me want to hunt you down to read more of your work.

  4. I do hope independent bookstores survive the electronic shake out. Your “Moonlight” is too beautiful not to go on shining regardless. Love it Sugar!

  5. Veriy nicely done. Lots of details to enjoy there.

  6. vision791 says:

    Sugar, it has been a pleasure to have you here this week.

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