He Was Not DiCaprio, But More

This week Grey Johnson makes her debut at cavalcadeofstars with one of her delightful tales.

He Was Not DiCaprio, But More
By Grey Johnson

He was a disturbingly precocious child with a perfect auditory memory
Every word went into a file for future use
Where they linked up with one another in fluid groups, being informally conjugated

Some thought he was just a parrot
And some did not
Mostly, they were all irritated at having to censure themselves

So when the “Reading is the Key to… __________________” library poster contest began
He was amazed at his own frustration
For the proper word to fill in the blank was nowhere to be found

In the quiet afternoon sun that spilled across his bed
There wandered into his mind a mysterious ship, lolling on the waves
With a young boy standing passively on the deck

And he wished to be the boy, in the position of receiving
What he felt he had never had before
An adventure

And there was the word, adventure
Reading was the key to it, he knew, for he had read the Wizard of Oz and even Tom Sawyer
So he ran to his mother, who agreed

There were crayons and very large paper
Then hastily, a big purple boat appeared from beneath his hand
Loopy waves wiggled beneath it, smiling

Standing at the bow was a tiny stick boy in rectangular clothes
His arms outstretched, this time
King of the World, long before Titanic

Grey has been known to write at Six Sentences, Mudjob and Lit Fire.


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4 Responses to He Was Not DiCaprio, But More

  1. Toby Hecht says:

    Oh to be a child! Oh to be a child of Grey’s imagination!

  2. mdjb says:

    Nicely turned out. The little illustration is warmly appealing, and suits Grey’s tale appositely. Sometimes, I feel we are all holding hands entering on this Adventure, and it feels right.

  3. Diana E backhouse says:

    Delightful tale, Grey.

  4. vision791 says:

    Grey, it has been a pleasure to have you here this week. Also, the picture is adorable.

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