Black Gloves

This week Paxton Quill of six Sentences debuts.

Black gloves

By Paxton Quill

Black gloves with a little leatherette bow on the wrist band, echo’s I’m a lady and I have style. It also protects my chilled hands during the months of gloomy Vancouver weather.

Today my gloves also provide a visual reminder to the C23 bus driver. Based on her attitude towards me, I doubt that she will remember my dainty gloves banging on her cold shuttle doors. That once jovial German driver turned into a sauerkraut bitch as she shrugged her boulder shoulders and drove away. She has made me and my gloves late.

Ten minutes later I am rescued by an over crowed #6 bus. I move my way to the back squeezing myself in between passengers to finally sit down near the back door. Clasping my gloved hands, I close my eyes and lean right against the edge.

Moments later, my warming wall moves and turns into an attractive gentleman with fresh blue sky eyes. Soft words escape from my shy smile, “You are warmer than Plexiglas, my apologies.”
“None needed” says the handsome warming wall.
I ease back looking down at my little bowed wrists reminding me, that I might be tardy, but I’m still a lady.

Paxton Quill
@InterActiveBee DT Vancouver, BC
Interactive Media Designer, writer who embraces people trying to make a difference. I love organization, natural beauty, tech and being hands-on creative.


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2 Responses to Black Gloves

  1. Gita says:

    This left me with a smile. Thanks, Paxton.

  2. vision791 says:

    Paxton, it’s been great to have you debut alongside all the cavalcadeofstars writers. I hope you are settle in your new home.

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