Joan McNerney

It is my pleasure this week at the cavalcadeofstars to debut Joan McNerney. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Twelve Steps To Winter
Joan McNerney

1 Kicking up piles of foliage,
the wind tries to enter my house.

2 I can see my breath right
in front of me now.

3 Maple leaves, oak leaves, all fall
leaves tumbling through air.

4 Window panes clattering like
nervous teeth at midnight.

5 Frost pinches my cheeks, kissing me.
A cool, cruel lover.

6 Quickly, quietly needles of snow
embroider tall fir trees.

7 That must be my friends stamping
their boots outside.

8 As the kettle boils, aromas of hot
cider spice the kitchen.

9 Our favorite songs stream
through hallways.

10 Sparkling butter cookies melting
in our mouths.

11 A tiger cat with big green eyes
tosses balls of yarn.

12 Galaxies of snow stars whirling
every which way.

Joan McNerney


I want to make an angel
in the snow though I am
old for that sort of thing.

That is something I have
never done. A woman from
Vermont told me about it.

Nobody made slush angels
in Brooklyn…unheard of…
with no meadows to angel in.

We just threw hard packed
snowballs at each other
sliding over icy streets.

Now I will take my pick
of snow. Find a perfect
field of that lush white stuff.

I will lay down on a cool bed
flapping my arms up and down
to make sacred patterns.

Yes, I will angel away
over and over until finally
I fly off to heaven.

Want to wing it with me?

Joan McNerney

Winter Watch

Tangled…one ragged
leaf clings to the bough.

Stopping to see the
shape of a snowflake.

Winter storm warning.
Headlights beam at noon.

More amazing than
redwood forests…
your ice blue eyes.

Came home just in time
for the first dizzy dance
of December flurries.

All day my windows
chatter like nervous teeth.

Crystals spin together in
joyful pirouette…a cool ballet.

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Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Blueline, 63 channels, Spectrum, and three Bright Spring Press Anthologies. She has been nominated twice for Best of the Net in 2011. Four of her books have been published by fine small literary presses.


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3 Responses to Joan McNerney

  1. Joan, these are so lovely they make me think winter can be beautiful instead of soul killing. lol Beautiful poetry!

  2. bobbie troy says:

    Lovely is right. I enjoyed all of them. And please go and make that snow angel. I did not know you are from Brooklyn. So is my hubby.

  3. Joan, it’s been a pleasure to have your poetry at cavalcadeofstars. I think you have presented a beautiful summary of winter.

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