Judith Dryer

Judith Dryer makes her debut at cavalcadeofstars this week with a short story and a poem.
Finding Love Again
By Judith Dreyer

I’m sitting here at the winery in the tasting room that overlooks the vineyard while grey clouds fill the sky and hide the sunset. Dozens of birds flit through the trees, strut through the grassy field, and fly through the vineyard leaving spots of bird poop filled with seeds everywhere. I have cleaned the tables and chairs on the outside deck twice in the short time I’ve been here while enjoying the afternoon haze and mild temperatures.

I can’t help think that my life has a romantic flavor to it. Here I am in a vineyard, quiet and stately, that awaits winter’s coming and going so it can bloom again. Clouds pass by and keep the air mild though the sun goes down as if behind closing doors. The tasting room, clean and orderly, waits for a holiday shopper. Evening slowly pulls down the shades of the day as I sit and read a novel while waiting for the owners to return from errands. The owners have the room ready for their family’s Christmas celebration only a few days away. Petit Verdot, Vidal Blanc once lovely grapes on a vine now transformed into wine fill the shelves near me. Here I am in a lovely quaint setting. A romantic one too as the soft illuminations both inside and out light my heart in this place where I have landed.

As I sit in the silence here I feel a feeling of love being reborn within touching places that have chains and locked doors, rusty and oxidized that still remain. I feel something this gentle evening that seems to softly rattle those chains and jimmy the doors. It seems as if a golden thread from love’s source seeps through the cracks under doorways and through keyholes finding its way in somehow no matter how I resist. How this happens I cannot tell you but hope enters in and catches me off guard this evening. I feel softness, a tenderness stir in my heart reaching places I thought hopelessly blocked. I feel the breath of love in the wind. It caresses my cheek touching me. I sense romance in the air tonight too. Ironic isn’t it? It seems as if I needed to feel love heal and then stir within me, in this magical silence before I can open to love again. There is no man by my side as I close up the tasting room and head home; no one to greet me when I open the door to my home. Yet it is love I capture in my beating heart that I will hold close as the chains rust away so I can reopen the doors to love again.

We’ll meet when it’s right
By Judith Dreyer

Did you know it was the trees that sent you to me?
Did you know it was my whisper the wind carried to you?
Did you know it was the stone under your knee
That poked and said she’s coming?
Did you know it was the scent of the rose
That told you I am here?

Did you know your flowers will capture my heart as they hold yours?
Did you know the sun and the clouds watch over us as hawks dance in the sky?
Did you know the moon weaves her beams through the stars and our nights?
Did you know the heavens move our paths to join though we know not the why?

I know you not in this moment.
I see you not in my heart but in the wisps of night
I feel you though in my knowing
And trust we will meet when it is right.

Judith Dreyer loves gardens and she writes nonfiction for Master Gardeners Associations. In between she is delighted to work with the muse of poetry and short fiction.


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8 Responses to Judith Dryer

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have not thought of love in some time..After reading Judiths poem I certainly had to think for a few moments..In fact her words have touched my heart . I feel the strong sense to sit outside and listen to the whisper of the wind

  2. I loved this! The emotion, yearning, and romance. Beautiful!

  3. bobbietroy says:

    Oh, Judith, it is wonderful work — touching, romantic, and a bit nostalgic. So good to see you published!

  4. Yonti says:

    Oh my, this is so moving. The narrative piece and the poem amplify expand each other exquisitely and delicately. I was savoring each phrase and rushing through at the same time.

  5. clarbojahn says:

    Thanks for sharing this poignant story and poem. As the above comment says they compliment each other and bounce off each other in echos of yearning.

    Well written.. Good job! 🙂

  6. cpl says:

    Judith, thanks for sharing this exciting moment. I loved reading them both. They were tender and stimulating…I remember being in that hopeful void. And it brought a ‘spring’ sensation to my soul. All the best!

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