Franklin Newman

Franklin Newman a tarot reader, novelist, poet, and playwright with Asperger’s Syndrome, is currently working on a revision of his latest novel, “Unwelcome Survivors.”

This is “Where I want to be,” based on the 4 of wands from his tarot poem series.

This is “Where I want to be
By Franklin Newman

“I’ve travelled long these last few weeks.

It hasn’t been easy at all.

I miss me sons, and me brother, too,

and on me daughter, I should give a call.

But I’ve duties beyond what most people believe.

Though they don’t even know who I am, anymore,

There are people all over the Thousand Realms who count on me.

Something to be said for ‘aving three possible forms.

An ‘alf-Orc angel is the way I travel most of the time now.

A healer, a druidic witch, a corrector of wrongs and an attendant of souls.

Sometimes, ‘owever, I need rest and ‘ealing meself.

And that’s when I turn me attention toward ‘ome.

It’s a castle of silver, from the grace of the stones.

Mounted securely are the two flags of what was once me ‘ome nation,

and the castle ‘as purple doors and windows, and ivy gowing up the walls!

And a teal pond encircled by silver stones, good for divination.

The cobblestone walkway through me ‘erb garden

is simply divine for times of quiet communion with nature.

And the forest behind me castle is utterly breathtaking.

I can visit the forest animals, all of whom I utterly treasure.

Yes, I do not mind being Lady Moriarty,

Nor Madame Kirustinu, as I am more frequently called.

Though most of all I prefer the secrecy that comes from being

an ‘alf-Orc angel, free to name meself nothing at all.

And ‘ere, on the Bre-ayne Island, as I finally find the time

To take a month off from me medical, magical, interventionist carrer,

I reconnect with me family and me friends,

and get a much-needed rest, with me brother dear.

I see the garden, and I see the woods.

It shouldn’t take me much longer now, by Jove.

I can smell it. Sietara is already cooking up a feast. I just love ‘er.

And at last, Kylie the great nurse-witch, is finally ‘ome.

It’s not that I mind in any way what I do,

going where the spirits guide, ‘ealing people and setting right unjust things.

It’s simply that me own body and life can also get weary and tired.

I’m not quitting. Just a vacation at ‘ome for a month. Where I want to be.”


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