Joseph Farley Returns

Joseph Farley returns to Jeanette Cheezum’s cavalcadeofstars for your reading pleasure.

Gone from the nest,
Fallen from the tree
Will he survive?
The odds say no.

He lays in the gutter
Holding a cardboard sign,
Begging for coins.

I give him a bus ticket,
Hope the wheels
Will take him,
If not across the sky,
At least to a place
Where the ground
Is less hard.

The Natives of Patagonia
The giant bears
Of Patagonia
May have been
Mistaken for people
By drunken sailors
Giddy at being
On shore, or
Those lost inhabitants
May have been
Merely men
For their land
And labor,
And not just
Their furry hides

Life Ends At Thirty
With hindsight
This may be true,
But at the time
I was so busy
Just trying to survive
As a physical
And emotional
That I never
Had the time
To notice
I was dead
Until I reached
Middle age.

Shank or Shiv or Cell Phone and Car Key
kill with your words and deeds,
no swift shove of whittled plastic
or ground metal through some heart,
no, just the modern conveniences,
the vapid technology that makes it
all so easy for the skilled
to plan and execute
the small daily murders
required by their double lives.

Let There Be Light
In a far of cloud of dust
billions of miles across
a dense spot forms.
A sun is being born.

Point the Hubble
in its direction
and celebrate
the birth of light.

The Healing Power of Stupidity
The healing power of stupidity is vastly overlooked.
This is why you will outlive me.
It has nothing do to with the fact that you are over six foot tall
and I am under five nine.
Those statistics on heart attacks are misleading.
The fact that you manage to ignore
nearly everything going on around you
so long as you have your beer and color TV,
well, that’s another story.

Joseph Farley edited Axe Factory from 1986 to 2010. His books and chapbooks include Suckers, For the Birds, Longing for the Mother Tongue, and Waltz of the Meatballs.


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