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Melody Gray was born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC. She currently resides in Nanaimo, BC surrounded by her family and friends who continue to inspire and support her adventures in writing, school and cooking. Her writings have appeared on the Six Sentences blog and have been published in two of their books, Six Sentences Volumes 1 &2. She created Apron Strings and Family Ties – Jordens’ Family cookbook as a family keepsake in support and dedication of all her family and loved ones who have been touched by Cancer. She has donated all her proceeds from the cookbook to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Blackened Tears

Billowing black clouds
mushroomed high,
colouring blue skies, with fear
Scattered debris, like matchsticks
discarded, flames snuffed and smoldering

The explosion echoed
rattling my windows
A monster knocking, nowhere to hide
Its eyes like flames,
glowing behind torn curtains

Tangled pieces of metal, embedded
in rooftops and vehicles
Dandelions and green grass,
once blanketed with lazy bodies on hot summer days,
now a graveyard to the shrapnel of shattered lives

Sunday’s sprinklers
replaced with fire hoses,
spraying high to unforgiving
flames, choking cries
from the shocked and traumatized

Darkness falls; 1:20 Sunday afternoon,
sirens fill the streets
A war zone
Through smoky scenes,
masked saviours search

A nightmare, dreamt with
eyes open
An explosion, unknown
Three men’s lives, stolen
on a Day for Fathers


I am the product of my own desires.
Sensual secrets, buried beneath my skin,
only to be exposed in the passions of fire.
Guilty whispers, echoing an unforgiving sin.
I am blinded by your touch; I imply
virtue no more. Our forbidden passion flows
like a raging river; I cannot deny
my concealed expectations. My heart knows,
as time passes and I watch the sunrise,
we must set ourselves free; return tomorrow
along that bumpy, dusty road of demise.
Feign happiness, and accept the sorrow
placed upon others in a moment of lust,
and try to regain an acceptance of trust.


Blinds pulled tight
choking the room, full of memories
shadowing teardrops that fall
on the hospital bed, whispering
their sad goodbyes.

You wait, unknowing, death creeping closer
confused by visitor’s sorrowed faces,
tears hidden in hallways, returning
with painted smiles
bearing fruit – gifts of solace.

My legs curled beneath me, I sit on hospital sheets,
pulled tight
your fingers grasp the brush – long smooth strokes
pulling my hair, straight
“just like when you were little”, you smile.

Five days pass as I sleep beside you
listening for your breath, holding
mine, waiting for you to be free
from the pain and suffering
of today and yesterday.

Today and Tomorrow

My heart races when I see your smile,
your eyes, capturing mine.
Our laughter, drifts together
effortlessly, like lost friends
finally finding each other.
Appreciating our yesterday,
for the strengths we have
gained today.

We share the unconditional
love, for toothless grins and
contagious giggles,
warm hugs and breathless tickles.
Long dirt roads, leading to
brilliant blue lakes, glittering
with the sound of our voices, echoing
across a warm evening glow.

I wonder if this is all a dream,
me and you,
today and tomorrow.
I wake, your body tight against mine, you
breathing slowly, in and out.
I take your warm breath in
and I know at that moment
I want to be with you, forever.
Apron Strings and Family Ties-Book & ebook


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  1. boltoncarley says:

    something about the matchsticks was very visual and sad. would hate to pick up the pieces after secrets but loved the free verse of it and the youth of today and tomorrow. well done!

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