Stan Galloway

Please welcome Stan Galloway this week.


Wind-borne sand grains
prick the cliffside mosaic
subtle shades of red and yellow
tan and copper green
placed by no human hand
painted by time
revealing and removing
what was laid to rest
many years before.

Morning Walk

A cool breeze up from the river
makes the shade from this Russian olive

The air is warm otherwise
and heavy with sage.

A rabbit galumphs its way under a fence
from sand to watered lawn
where the smell of the resident retriever
is less strong.

Along the ridge
two antelope amble toward
less populated spaces
after sampling local gardens
in the night.

The rocks irregularly
pink the skyline
in imagined structures
all around the walls of the valley.

People driving off to work
see none of this —
all new to my perceptions —
just their normal
Wyoming morning
in July.

No Fiddler

There is no fiddler on my rooftop
in the half-moon light,
a silence but for distant traffic
and a single cricket
in the neighbor’s grass.

The stars,
whose names are all forgotten,
stare down dumbly at me,
having missed the daytime heat,
and wonder at my being here,
what midnight vigil
brings me from my bed.

No noise has wakened me.
The coolness of the window
might have whispered “come.”

This empty night
despite the stars
has granted me
a few more minutes
to assure myself
that I still live.

Stan Galloway, nominated Best of the Net in 2011 and 2012, teaches English at Bridgewater College in Virginia. His chapbook Abraham is available from Sierra Delta Press. His full collection Just Married is forthcoming from unbound CONTENT. He has also written a book of literary criticism, The Teenage Tarzan (McFarland, 2010).


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