Annmarie Lockhart

Storm Surge
By Annmarie Lockhart

Yelling into the fury
her voice is lost in the storm.
A man smiles, seeing, but unhearing.
Barely audible, she asks again:

When will you be back? Deaf to her,
he smiles, waves, and turns away.
The trees worry as the banshee
shrieks loud and cold this November day.

She watches the rust and moss
of windswept debris sail out into
the conniving sea, sinking her
chest of stolen doubloons.

I am beautiful
By Annmarie Lockhart

I am beautiful
when I’m with you
something about the
light just works and my
hair listens like it wants to
and I radiate heat that you
want to touch and kiss
when I’m with you
I am beautiful

Spring Break
By Annmarie Lockhart

some days there is a hollow
sound on the internet
a missing texture, touch
and the skipping pulse

of my erratic heart
echoing its own double beat
falling behind itself
trying to keep up with the bursting

bloom of the yellow spread
of the forsythia and the breached
dam of the brook broken
out of hibernation

Don’t Ask the Dogwood
By Annmarie Lockhart

I asked the dogwood if she
deserves her sweet swift
beauty, would she not prefer
a longer but duller run.

She did not answer, just shimmied
down a rain of petals, reminding
me in her way that I had not
earned such generous love.

She’s a showy hussy, passing
silent judgment, leaving me
too much time to outlast her shine
contemplating what I’ve accrued.

Catechism(for Cassie, in February)
By Annmarie Lockhart

there is no sin
in the selfishness
of healing, of seeking
respite in a willow nest,
a potion of words and love
delivered via intravenous
and poetic

there is no sin
in recovery, in trading
the liquor of drive
for the elixir of rest,
in turning in, reaching out,
to the centered-
of self
circular and eternal

there is no sin
in hearing the word

a command
a prayer
a playbook
for what to do
what could be
what’s to come

there is no sin
in bowing your head
to the laying on of hands
letting the barriers
of skin, mind, fear
stretch thin, for love
has osmotic properties

there is no sin in healing


Bio: Annmarie Lockhart is the founding editor of vox poetica, an online literary salon dedicated to bringing poetry into the everyday. She is also the founder of unbound CONTENT, an independent publisher for a boundless age. A lifelong resident of Bergen County New Jersey, she lives two miles east of the hospital where she was born.


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  1. bobbietroy says:

    Well, Annmarie, I don’t know how you do it. You are everywhere! All of these poems are strong and vivid. Good work. I especially like Storm Sure, Don’t Ask the Dogwood, and Catechism.

  2. It’s been great having you here again, Annmarie.

  3. Anthony Ward says:

    Nice selection of poems Annmarie. I really liked Don’t Ask the Dogwood, especially since I’ve just been admiring it outside my window just before I read this.

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