A. J. Huffman

The Most Real Thing

I need this paper mask.
To touch you
without tears.
Though it is phony
and soft.
I am lost without its eyes.
Not quite plastic.
But empty just the same.
They save my sight
from your light.
That is more of a fire.
I realize, still,
I am too close.
By dawn my fears will be forgotten.
As I will be.
Tossed out.
As so much ash.

Almost to Despair

I can feel
the emptiness.
Like a child
in my mind.
Curling tighter.
Against a motionless fight.
It turns twice.
And blows pain
through my brain.
Until the cycle is completed.
With my scream.
We are a team.
Death has chosen.
Not to defeat.

Relation to Here

I can only breathe
in your world.
In your eyes.
In your lies.
I am freed.
Of my own.
Is a two-sided sun.
That’s why I never worry
which way you will turn.
I know I will burn.
Even in your dark.

Adored By A Treacherous God

All my wishes are for you.
Take them.
I am not a genie.
But I still await your command.
I will serve you
as best as I can.
And don’t worry about the tolls.
I will always take payment.
In trade.

(A recipe
of sin and skin and lips
is never complete.
Without a dash or two
of some poor soul’s blood.)

Brilliant Carnage

“see how I spread out
and I cannot help it.”
— Naomi Replansky

Beat my mind
across this page.
Watch its bloody beauty.
Building dreams
no devil can touch.
They are too steep.
Too deep.
And too stoically bold.
For even hell to believe.
Its reality
Like a dream.
Go on.
Put your mind through it.
Its steam
is a healing.
And solid.
And only slightly cold.

A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has previously published six collections of poetry all available on Amazon.com. She has also published her work in numerous national and international literary journals. Most recently, she has accepted the position as editor for four online poetry journals for Kind of a Hurricane Press ( http://www.kindofahurricanepress.com ). Find more about A.J. Huffman, including additional information and links to her work at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000191382454 and https://twitter.com/#!/poetess222.


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  1. mulledvine says:

    What a lovely, poignant collection this is.

  2. We enjoyed having you this week, Amy.

  3. Anthony Ward says:

    Great collection A. J. They work well together.

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