Lisa Drago

Sacred Darkness
Lisa M. Drago

so-called sacred place
meant for prayer –
a den of anger, pride,
judgment and suspicion

yet a genuine heart
of innocence, and faith
dedicated to zeal for God,
and generous work

how to survive mind
games, accusations,
dread of evil, darkness,
even outbreaks of hives?

(yes, an idealized life
longing for simplicity,
love of God alone
as a bride of Christ)

dead, phoney world,
sneaking shadows –
the hair-raising
full moon visits
of Satan’s power

yet persistence in hope:
nature-walks, fresh cut
flower arrangements,
daily trusting creation
with outbursts of beauty

oh! entitlement prison, serious
self-righteousness and piled
charred, bonfire logs
at path’s lonely end

sighing and itching
broken-hearted despair;
confusion and dawning
truth of being used –
yet leaps of faith
toward freedom, joy

Lisa M. Drago is a registered yoga teacher who enjoys formal poetry and spiritual writing. She serves as Treasurer for Hampton Roads Writers and maintains a blog at Soaring with God (

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