Daniel Wilcox Debuts

“Roll Ever Columbia”
by Daniel Wilcox

They bag fading lighthouses,
Explore more lone departed posts,
Live in their relationship of ship
To water and shore;
Brave roaring ocean storms
Bar none, faring better, more
Than boats-of-line passing through
That perilous channel ‘washing
Tons’ of Oregon’s waves,
Churning in between,
But unlike historic river pilots
Who guided in-bound ships
Over that dangerous bar,
Their home doesn’t dominate high
On Fort Astor’s exalted bluffs;
And her love hearkens back to 1812,
Long before any lensed high tower,
Back when townies lit up a blazing
Tree as the brilliant signal flare
To direct in an approaching schooner.
His love lights up her coastal way,
Rivering to her protected harbor;
Not like today in shallow America
Where too many a sparred couple
Forever shipwreck their ‘bows.’
He’s an in-bound ship-of-line
Braving dangerous headland
And the deep rolling river, but above,
His wild woman set aflame,
Delights his vessel’s guided way;
There’s no disappointment;
Her shored cape opens and
Welcomed, he sings the mark,
“Safe water,”
Oh so verdantly green,
Unfathomably deep,
For life;
Roll on,
Dear Columbia,
Ever and ever and ever.

*Don Bruno de Heceta, Spanish Sea Captain, was the first known
European to discover the mouth of the Columbia River in 1775.

*Captain Meares, on July 6, 1788 tried to find safe harbor on the
northern side of the mouth of the Columbia, but couldn’t so named the
place, Cape Disappointment.

*Woody Guthrie song “Roll on Columbia”

Northeast Night

Under the warm stars
Of that Whittier night,
Not Snowbound
Globally warmed,
Not sledding,
A lass and a lad
–Lasted, ever
Clung so close
Like maple syrup
Within his
Large parka,
A maple

Daniel Wilcox’s wandering lines have appeared in many magazines
including Word Riot, Counterexample Poetics, Write Room, Mouse Tales Press,
Enhance, vox poetica, and Unlikely Stories IV. Three large collections
of his published poetry are in print: Dark Energy,
Psalms, Yawps, and Howls, and selah river.
Before that, he hiked through Nebraska, Cal State University Long
Beach (Creative Writing), Montana, Pennsylvania, Europe, Palestine/Israel,
Arizona…Now he resides with his wife on the central coast of California.


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