Stanley Noah Debuts

The Force
By Stanley Noah

she’s black

I’m white

we walk holding hands

we turn the corner

where no one sees us

she leans her body

on mine

I steal a few

warm and loving kisses

we continue on–

our days belong

only to each other

no one else


The Black Mamba, Bats and Contenders in Your Dreams
By Stanley Noah

Stars are falling, people are flying
through stormy stark skies, while
the black mamba snake hides in your
bedroom. Rabbits running about in
red fear. Cows and crocodiles at the
blue edges. You get lost in the London
subways. Things like this are going on,
nightly. Stars are now falling faster.
You wake and feel awkward. “Be still!”
came a faceless voice. Said, “you are
just as safe here as there!” But when
sleeping, the black mamba is sleeping
with you, somewhere, underneath in
your sensational dream. You awake.
A green dragon fly rest upon your wet
forehead. You fan it away. Gather
yourself. Knowing black coffee shall
make it all vanish like last time. When
black bats had silent wings and silver claws.

A Brazilian Poet on the Amazon
By Stanley Noah

He walked out of
The blue fog and deep
Forest knowing I looked
for his words. This is
what He had to say.
Said, the Demise of
poetry is almost

Poetry was born
From rivers, there are no
Rivers to be seen in poems
for Years now. He asked me,
all rivers go to the sea, don’t
they? But Undercurrents
have their own Ways to
remain and express
Past lives like hand prints
on Dry mud. I’ve written
poetic Transgressions long
as the Longest river of maps.

I have lived up and
Down the big river. You
need To find the breath
of rivers in Poetry again.
As you can see, He went on,

I’m just a half naked
Man, barefooted with dried up
Dreams, drifting through,
and over Thousands of pages, blank
verses Blank faces rivering about
like the Smallest fish you can’t

Stanley has a BGS degree from The University of Texas at Dallas. And have been published in the following: Wisconsin Review, Nexus, Main Street Rag, South Carolina Review, Poetry Nottingham and other publications in the U.S.A., Britain, Canada and New Zealand.

Winner of The Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest, 2006. Poet of the month, September, 2009,



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