Ed Dean Returns

“My Bay Window”
by Ed Dean

My bay window on the world treats me to a delicious task of watching my garden grow.

My garden is filled with beautiful flowers and children of every kind and color.

The children seem to grow as fast as my garden but buttercups and roses are no match for the sunshine filled faces of my little sprouts.

Tricycles and bicycles give way to mini motor scooters and the time for planes, trains and automobiles is only a short distance away.

Stringy hair and gangly limbs morph into muscles and curves while early morning screeches and giggling chatter in the lake, give way to long summer nights of whispered discoveries and intentions.

But the thing that lasts through eternity is the miles of smiles along the way with a name change from Mr. Eddie to Mr. Dean and finally Ed.

That joy of life will soon become a competitive verve which will open up their world of possibilities and propel them across this blue world. And some day, Mr. Eddie will only be a distant memory in a far off place called ‘remember when’!

Edward Dean is a former C.E.O. and marketing manager. Ed’s sideline avocation has been to write motivational and marketing speeches for former associates. He has written four novels. “The Wine Thief” was voted the best fiction novel of Mich. in 2009. His latest novel of fiction is “Chakana, The Southern Cross”.



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