Bobbie Troy Returns

Bits and Pieces
By Bobbie Troy

the bits and pieces
of my life
were piled up
in the corner
by the front door
like discarded newspapers

as I was ready to leave
I noticed
a slight shimmering light
at the bottom of the pile
could it be
that just as I was departing
this world
I had finally found a piece of peace?

Wild Words
By Bobbie Troy

in the wee hours
of the morning
my minds spins out words
like an unexpected tornado

in the morning
I pick up the debris
and try to make sense
of it all

Seeking My Love
By Bobbie Troy

a stone thrown
in the water
sinks to the bottom
just as you seek
the depths of my heart

but seeking
and finding
then finding
and knowing
are very different things

Bobbie Troy maintains her sanity and perspective on life by writing poetry, flash fiction, and original fairy tales with a 21st century twist. Her work appears in many online and print journals. Her poem, Dear Diane, was nominated for a 2010 Pushcart Prize (; her fairy-tale play, Sasha and the Tree of Sorrows, was produced in March 2011; and her poem, Dear Diane (Letter 2), was nominated for the 2012 Best of the Net. Bobbie also served on the Editorial Board for Saltain, a collection of poetry by Alice Shapiro. As a latecomer to the published author scene, Bobbie is proud of the fact that her first poem was published at the age of 62.


About vision791

Pushcart nominee Jeanette Cheezum has been published on several online writing sites and in fifteen Anthology books and four poetry books. Three of these books have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. Awarded The Helium Networks Premium Writer’s Badge, Bronze Creative Writing Award and a Marketplace Writers award. Recently she has published fourteen ebooks at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You may find a list of some of her work at
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5 Responses to Bobbie Troy Returns

  1. JMD says:

    great imagery Bobby, I enjoyed these new pieces.

  2. bobbietroy says:

    Thanks, Judith! I love your website.

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  4. spakravan says:

    Quite quite lovely. Bobbie’s use of words and images goes straight to the heart, causing that little ping of recognition–yes, that’s exactly how it is…

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