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Sal Buttaci Returns (Yes, the following words are meant to be spelled incorrectly)

CITY STREETS The Yellow Cabber took a sideways wheelie on Madison Avenue, then raised a two-fingered V. Me and Thompson, eyes still close, sat in the backseat patting our chests for signs of a heartbeat. “You three okay?” Considering the … Continue reading

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Evelyn J. Wagoner Debuts

Breaking Free She saved them all in pickle jars on a shelf in the back room— wasted sacrifices, futile loves, and grudges still to nurse. Sometimes she would stand at her window and, remembering the sun on her face, the … Continue reading

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E-Chapbooks – Cavalcadeofstars

E-Chapbooks – Cavalcadeofstars.

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Meredith Bunting Returns

Thanks Mom By Meredith Bunting I never thought of my mother as having a working knowledge of the Bible, yet she had a way of sharing her version of the Word quite effectively. When something surprised her, caught her off … Continue reading

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Doug Mathewson Returns

A Jersey Story by-Doug Mathewson Okay, the first time I painted her I was about sixteen. No! It’s not that kind of a story. Nothing artsy fartsy. I have two hundred hours of community service to perform for the court. … Continue reading

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