Meredith Buntinng helps us celebrate three years of success

This week Cavalcadeofstars is very proud to celebrate three years of success.
With the return of Meredith Bunting.


By Meredith Bunting

Pain arrives, uninvited,
like a clandestine lover.
Wary, I mark my free days carefully,
gratefully, wholly.

I am stubborn and headstrong,
but there are boundaries
I have not protected.
In its dreaded voice,
pain reminds me
it is persistent and ruthless.

In the fire of pain’s grip,
I remember I am not invincible;
every movement is a gift,
every breath ordained.
I am flesh and blood,
organs and nerves,
not to be compromised.

Pain roars at my desires,

smashes my fantasies,
snatches my hopes,
and smothers me in drugged slumber
where I dream of yesterday’s treasures.

Pain’s jealousy unleashed
renders me powerless
taking vigilance over my soul,
allowing no other to share
my solitude,
or embrace
my misery.

Pain melts my heart;
without it I would be cold,
distracted, pre-occupied.
Pressed into the shadows of silence,
my chastened spirit reminds me,
I am blessed.

Alone with pain,
I am the beloved –
isolated, paralyzed, riveted
at attention,
listening desperately
for my Redeemer.

The Master of pain
carries the light; and
in the burning, grinding,
screaming, wrenching,
pounding agony,
He whispers –
“You will not be overcome”.

Grace subdues the pain
shackling me. As I surrender
to the rescue I crave,
I hear God’s voice,
And I listen.

Meredith Bunting enjoys writing poetry and personal stories, especially those through which God shines. She also writes devotions for KPC Connect, her church’s website offering people daily inspiration and encouragement. Meredith lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with her two dogs and husband, and is surrounded by three daughters and eight rollicking grandchildren. Writing is how she stays immersed in this, her full cup of joy.


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