John Sweet Debuts

By John Sweet

sort of a purple grey pulse behind the
eyes that comes with living in the
age of murdered artists

a stomachful of
someone else’s blood

a punch in the throat

this man with the gun,
says he needs to get high

wants to shoot the ideas out of your head
and this dog at his feet just
begging to be kicked

these children’s bodies dumped in
shallow graves because not all wars are
formally declared

not all victims are remembered

you kill what you fear and then
you become who you hate
and you hope that it makes you holy

1968, living in upstate new york, nominated for assorted prizes, winner of a few chapbook competitions. writing as catharsis. opposed to all organized religions and political parties. concerned w/hope, but not overly optimistic about it. death to tyrants and tyranny in all forms.


About vision791

Pushcart nominee Jeanette Cheezum has been published on several online writing sites and in fifteen Anthology books and four poetry books. Three of these books have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. Awarded The Helium Networks Premium Writer’s Badge, Bronze Creative Writing Award and a Marketplace Writers award. Recently she has published thirteen ebooks at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You may find a list of some of her work at
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