Civa Bhusol Debuts

Your Smile

Your smile

is the only poem in the world

that I failed to write.


One day,

All the people we saw in our life

leave us in solitude…

Just like the drops of water

Leaving the topmost part of the hills

Every year

We change calendar

And hang a new one

in the precarious walls of time

Every month

We change the pages of calendar

And never turn it back

How many times do we see our own image

In front of a mirror and

Discover grey hair, fallen teeth, wrinkled skin and

all the shades of changes

Pages of calendar change every month

Seasons change several times a year

People come and go just like the seasons

Relations start and break

Time changes in its own elegance

Things that always remain the same-

Are just the memories

Alchemy of desires

Sometimes in your life

You fall in a ditch and

You can never come out of it

Sometimes in your life

You get tortured so much that

You start forgetting the meaning of agony

Sometimes, somewhere near the skyline

You find a destiny

You find a place called serene

Sometimes, you watch your own image in the mirror

And discover a mark of fate in your forehead

That never leaves you in your entire life

Sometimes, you find your thoughts, your desires and

Your own life

Like a solitary bird

Sometimes, somewhere you believe

A thunder comes of magic

And burns away all the thoughts, all the longings, all the possessions

Sometimes, somewhere you dream of alchemy

That turns desires into reality

Fate into fortitude

But every time, in your life

Your own fate turns you wrong.

About Author: Civa Bhusal

Hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal; Civa Bhusal, 21, is a final year student of Computer Engineering and he loves writing poetry and fiction, in both Nepali and English and loves watching cricket. His works have been published in The Kathmandu Post, The Applicant, The Writer’s Asylum and The New Asian writings.



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