Harris Tobias gives us something to think about.


By Harris Tobias

What will become of me after I’m dead?

When the fire has cooled and the ashes are spread

What will become of me then?

When the rabbi has spoken

The condolences said

When funeral’s over

And the last tear’s been shed

After the final amen

What will become of me then?

When the last weeping mourners

Have gone to their homes

And the family has had time to grieve

All they’ll find in my drawer are a few shabby poems

It’s frightening how little we leave

Life will go on of that I am sure

Absent my efforts the world will endure

I suppose it’s the way it should end

What, after all, do we have for all of our pains?

After the crying how little remains

I’m grateful I made a few friends

At least he’s at peace people will say

(God alone knows what that means)

If peace is a slumber without any dreams

And life is a series of meaningless scenes

Then what is our roll in this play?

And when it’s our time to exit stage right

And surrender ourselves to that welcoming light

I hope I leave a few memories behind



Harris Tobias lives and writes in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is the author of several novels and dozens of short stories. His fiction has appeared in Ray Gun Revival, Dunesteef Audio Magazine, Literal Translations, FriedFiction, Down In The Dirt, Eclectic Flash, E Fiction and several other publications. His poetry has appeared in Vox Poetica, The poem Factory and The Poetry Super Highway. You can find links to his novels at: http://harristobias-fiction.blogspot.com/

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Links to his books: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/harris-tobiashttp://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_at_ep_srch?_encoding=UTF8&sort=relevancerank&search-alias=books&field-author=Harris%20Tobias http://mobile.audible.com/search.htm?type=search&cache=1&author=Harris+Tobias



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