Souvik Chakraborty


By Souvik Chakraborty

This is one of the coldest winters I’ve ever known,

And all its venomous stings, I silently endure.

The dull morning light brings neither joy nor hope,

But I don’t beg for it to end; I prepare for more.

I try to derive strength from the tortures inflicted;

When the biting cold cuts and stabs and hacks,

When my spinal fluid comes close to freezing,

I bite my lips and take it all – there’s no turning back.

I stay hidden from the sun, away from the blazing fire.

The caress of despair doesn’t bother me anymore.

I embrace the excruciating agony with open arms.

Nothing can break my strong resolve, of that I’m sure.

You should know by now that I do it only for you.

I want to let you know, want to make it clear.

That I’ll always be there for you, no matter what.

You’ll never get hurt, you have nothing to fear.

My name is Souvik Chakraborty and I am from Kolkata, India. I am an Engineer by profession and working for an Optical fiber and power conductor manufacturing organisation In Maharastra. Since my childhood, I wanted to become a poet. I have published a number of poems in print media in my native language Bengali, and now wish to see my works published in English in esteemed e – zines all over the world.
I have published a poem in My hobbies include reading books, listening to rock music and debating.


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