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John Grey

Poems by John Grey OUT OF CONTROL Out on the night highway, top down, cocooned by tree shadow, clouds breaking up with stars, horizon and sky indivisible, wind tangling his ever darkening hair, his whipping sleeves, all acceleration, no exit signs, … Continue reading

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John Kaniecki

The Wind By John Kaniecki Who taught the wind to blow? Was it the birds? Was it the trees? That’s not what I heard Could you tell me please? Who taught the sun to shine? Its warmth and beauty so … Continue reading

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Nancy Scott McBride Debuts

Nancy Scott McBride studied poetry at NYU and worked as an editor on the New York Quarterly. She has been writing, publishing and giving readings of her work for many years. DOVER BEACH Once my friend and fellow poet were … Continue reading

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Harris Tobias

Latkes By Harris Tobias The latkes lay forgotten. Schmulke Bara left them in the barn for the homeless man and just assumed they were eaten. They lay smoldering in the rich barnyard stew of animal stink, hay and fecal matter. … Continue reading

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