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Annmarie Lockhart Returns with a short story and a poem.

A Zabar’s Story By Annmarie Lockhart Janice eyed the rugelach; Arthur headed for the pastrami. They bumped elbows. She noticed the list in his right hand and wondered: What kind of man does the shopping? She raised her right eyebrow … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving By Jeanette Cheezum We all wore our little black and white costumes to school to do our Thanksgiving pageant. We were all so excited about our holiday break. The teacher could hardly keep us quiet. While the classes were … Continue reading

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The Debut of Frank Adams

Silence I don’t know silence – though I know quiet and in quiet the sound of the universe finds my ears – a humming sound high pitched and constant. I think it is  the voice of God sending out an SOS – … Continue reading

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A. J. Huffman

I Can Hear the Stars  laughing at me, the echo of their ridicule, clear and bright as their spotlight gaze. I envy their distance, their ability to survive without air. I must look like a dying fish, gasping for one … Continue reading

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Harris Tobais

The Mechanic by Harris Tobias The Mechanic Aaron was about to give up and start walking the seven long miles to town when the stranger appeared out of nowhere. “Problems?” the stranger asked in that friendly way some people have. … Continue reading

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