A. J. Huffman

I Can Hear the Stars

 laughing at me, the echo

of their ridicule, clear

and bright as their spotlight gaze.

I envy their distance,

their ability to survive without air.

I must look like a dying

fish, gasping for one last moment

of edible life.  I take some

comfort in the knowledge

that my sickly scales maintain

visibility across such distance,

that my passing will not go

Valley of Ash

 From a distance, the mountain pass looked black

and white, a gapping shadow of all shades gray

to fit my mood as we continued forward, the monotony

of rubber tire turning against pavement threatening

to lull me into dreamtime.  I wondered briefly

if it already had, when a moment later the first flash

of umber erupted through my fog-like view.

A.J. Huffman has published eight solo chapbooks and one joint chapbook through various small presses. She also has two new full-length poetry collections forthcoming, Another Blood Jet (Eldritch Press) and A Few Bullets Short of Home (mgv2>publishing). She is a Pushcart Prize nominee, and her poetry, fiction, and haiku have appeared in hundreds of national and international journals, including Labletter, The James Dickey Review, Bone Orchard, EgoPHobia, Kritya, and Offerta Speciale, in which her work appeared in both English and Italian translation. She is also the founding editor of Kind of a Hurricane Press. www.kindofahurricanepress.com


About vision791

Pushcart nominee Jeanette Cheezum has been published on several online writing sites and in fifteen Anthology books and four poetry books. Three of these books have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. Awarded The Helium Networks Premium Writer’s Badge, Bronze Creative Writing Award and a Marketplace Writers award. Recently she has published fourteen ebooks at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You may find a list of some of her work at www.hamptonroadswriters.org
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