Souvik Chakraborty

By Souvik Chaeraborty

Every day, you need something brand new to show,
Every night, you come back and your mind lets you know
You threw your life out of the window and sought for light,
Happiness stared you in the face, yet you wanted respite
Far away from the comforting arms of a true friend,
And as you now realize what you’ve lost, you hope it’s not the end.

Worry not, your friend still waits, she has not lost faith in you.
Her tears don’t show themselves anymore; the priceless drops of dew
Coming down from above every morning, is definitely a sign.
Falling down from great heights is not forever, rising up is divine.
We have our eyes on you; we want to see if you have what it takes
To go back to her and beg forgiveness, atone for your mistakes.

She will forgive you, we know, her heart is as pure as gold
And then we’ll see, in front of our eyes, a new story unfold.
A friendship rising above the cesspool of loss and hurt,
A scene being carried out perfectly, Destiny playing to the hilt its part.
Moist eyes and smiling lips; whispered prayers touching the skies
Two friends united again, bathing in the light of a glorious sunrise.


Souvik Chakraborty, a Ceramic Engineer by profession, lives in Kolkata, India. He has been writing poetry since his childhood days, both in English and his native language (Bengali). His works have appeared in online journals like Vox Poetica, The Artistic Muse, Three Line Poetry and Haiku Journal. Souvik enjoys reading fiction novels, watching thriller movies and listening to rock music.


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