John Kaniecki Returns

John Kaniecki

This poem is a continuation of Wordsworth’s work.

Return to Tintern Abbey Again

 By John Kaniecki

Misconception in a dream

I notice not a true rhyme

But to me it did seem

A place from another time

I never saw a city in decay

As an old man fading away

Though nature is exquisite

There is far more to it

Why worship the created

While the maker is hated

Yet let me not travel that way

I’ll guard the words I say

For I come not to judge you

Just to say I’ve been there too

With you I sit under the tree

In spirit I feel your glee

Thank God you were not blind

Thank God that He is kind

For what in nature you see

Is but one facet of beauty

Oh master poet long dead

Some worship the words you said

I realize it was not meant so

Each has a separate way to go

To unlock what is within

That is how to begin

For each one is unique

With their own voice to speak

At Tintern Abbey we did meet

As comrades in battle’s heat

The words you have once said

Your cause I have deserted

At Tintern Abbey may you forever rest

For at Tintern Abbey it was your best

At Tintern Abbey you did discover

That nature she is your brother

It may be unnatural your view

But I see it also too

More strange than a circus freak

More beauty than we can speak

In wilderness perfection we find

Yet this perfection is so unkind

Spring the coming of life

Summer celebration of the living

Fall it cuts as a knife

Winter it is so unforgiving

The circle it is then whole

On the circle travels your soul

Past, future, present

Still your life is spent

Your travel nowhere fast

I pray your nowhere to last

So farewell my good friend

At Tintern Abbey we’ll meet once again


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