By Harris Tobias

Chalky streaks against a deep blue sky

That’s God teaching us to walk the straight and narrow,

Says little Jimmy Hare.

Don’t be silly, says I,

It’s just an engine passing by.

Oh no, says Jim, it’s Him

The big guy drawing lines upon the air

His great finger pointing out the way.

You’d think he’d have more to say

Considering he made the universe

I assume he speaks

And understands us when we pray

Why doesn’t he write some verse

With his mighty hand, why streaks?

Little Jimmy stands and walks away

Questions are not for him.

The skeptics he would ignore.

He likes his god simple and obscure.

To him those lines are filled with meaning

Tho what they mean he isn’t sure.


Harris Tobias lives and writes in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is the

author of two novels: The Greer Agency & A Felony of Birds. He has written

dozens of short stories many of which are available on line at

He is the author of several children’s books including At The Robot Zoo,

MoonRivet Saves His Skin and An Alphabet Book of Bugs available on

Nook & Kindle. You can find a list of all his books at:


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