Mark Flood makes his debut from Ireland.


By Mark Flood

Where on earth am I going?

I’m shooting rapids without even rowing.

Money that’s what it’s all about

And it’s driving me nuts; I want to shout!

Although that’s something for which I won’t get paid.

Perhaps I’ll sell my body and often get laid.

Ha! Who would want to sleep with me?

I’d end up needing to lower the fee.

I’ve got to pay these mounting bills

And if it keeps like this, I’ll need some pills.

Some might say, “Mark, get a life!”

But to pot with them, I don’t need strife.

All I need is a full-time job,

Just so I can earn an honest bob.

Who knows, I might turn to crime

And up becoming scum and slime.

But I’d just end up deeper in this pit

And as it is, I’ve got enough shit.

Someday soon, I’m sure it’ll mend

And this fiscal disaster will come to an end.

The Trapless Wonder

By Mark Flood

Sometimes I sit here and wonder why,

I let some things pass me by.

There, I’ve just missed another chance,

By not asking that girl up to dance.

I’ll just sit here and drink some more

And it won’t be long till I’m on the floor.

The bouncers will come to carry me out,

When all I can do is fall about.

I sit there and wonder if it’s all worthwhile

Looking for the one to take down the aisle.

She’ll probably end up walking out,

When all I can do is scream and shout.

I’ll stagger home about two or three,

Having had to stop somewhere for a pee.

I’ll just crash out there on my bed

And consider all these things that I’ve just said.

The Marriage of Neil and Lorna

By Mark Flood

Marriage is an exciting and wondrous event;

A union of souls that’s been heaven sent.

An exchange of vows which is solemn and sincere,

Committing their life for whom they hold dear.

The rings on their fingers shows their love and devotion

For the rest if their lives which they’ve no set in motion.

For Lorna and Neil, a new life will start,

Sharing the love that they hold in their heart.

They’ve made the big leap and are now bound together,

Not just here and now, but in life and forever.

So we all wish them well and hope they have fun,

Having married each other and clinched the big one.


Born and raised in Derry, Northern Ireland. Mark was interested in the Edinburgh International Film Festival and after a weekend visit to Edinburgh in 1998, he was offered a job within the construction industry. By the time he had moved to the city he had written three feature length screenplays, the latest of which was good enough to earn him a place on the exclusive Moonstone International Screenwriting Labs in 1999 and to have the course fees paid by Scottish Screen.

After the course, his writing improved and in 2003 there was interest in a particular screenplay by Ridley Scott’s company Scott Free. However, although the London office approved the screenplay, the Los Angeles office did not and the project progressed no further with Scott Free. Not deterred, Mark continued to write.

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