Angel Zapata Returns



A woman walking along a canal in Yuma with her 18-month-old twin boys stopped to bat away a bee when her jogging stroller rolled into the flowing water, killing her sons… —Arizona Daily Star


So many labels and crosses

to bear, the woman is barely

made aware of the consequent

weight of such perilous wings.


The steep-sloped canal path,

paved with purple pear plants,

bids a departure to

blotted Jackson Pollack bibs.


Twin boys sleep in tandem

atop rubber stroller wheels,

build momentum over pebbles

and prickly cactus needles.


The woman propels her children

toward the lapping waterway,

an exercise to stretch the mind

beyond somatic will.


Perhaps ill-fated chance

cross-pollinates from heart to hand

to actuate deep-seated ache,

postpartum’s aftermath.


It’s plausible that she lets go

intent to swat a bee

and, in the deed, sees aim receive

a stigma for the sting.



Angel Zapata is a husband, father, writer, quality technician, comic collector, and movie buff. He’s authored several books which include two poetry collections, “An Offering of Ink and Feathers,” and “Prayers from Crooked Spines.” Visit his author page on Amazon.



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