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Ajise Vincent Debuts

DISTORTIONS We cohabit in a world of banes, Saturn’s twin luminary, where pollutants from profit belching colosseums slowly kills the gladiators of our adaptability.   Here, the sky is raped with carbon monoxides, the waters fed with sewage–toxic. No iota … Continue reading

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Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju Debuts

Dreamy Dance   Beneath strings of rhythms And the harmony of the bass drum   My dreams dance core and raw In a gowned grace and pure awe   Captured by a soulful welcome I mount a ride on hymns. … Continue reading

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Ed Dean Returns

 Sam’s Club   He walked out of his own life with a bang! The thirty-eight slug made a bigger mess of things than Sam ever did. Despair was his only refuge and he welcomed the comforting darkness with its blanket … Continue reading

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Nancy Scott McBride

SNAKE   When we first moved into our old house, we found an awesome pile of snake skins in an ancient underground crawl-space. “Looks like they’ve been here since the year one,” my husband said with a chuckle. “Eeeew,” I … Continue reading

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Allison Grayhurst Debuts

Remember Remember the end, for it was the ripping open of innocence and fairy hope. It was a necessary falling, a compacting of all the extremities, a slicing off of unworkable dreams. That end towers within you and remains a … Continue reading

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