Bobbie Troy

Pincers of Old Age

By Bobbie Troy


the pincers

of old age

come out at night

and hover

like a helicopter

looking for a new target


then they land

on a random part

of your body

and the next morning

something new hurts


I wonder if those pincers

get paid for their torture

or are they just in it

for the pleasure


The Final Banquet

By Bobbie Troy


I shall serve you sadness

upon a painted platter


pour a bit of truth

into a golden goblet


balance justice and injustice

on a knurled knife


wipe the humor from your face

with a lacey linen


entice you with some beauty

on a filigreed fork


serve a sliver of love

on a silver spoon


then you shall have it all

but for a mouthful of misgivings


for there is no need for food, you see

at the final banquet




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