James Diaz Debuts


My Life Here In The Bramble


It takes me a day to tell you

that I don’t have all the answers

that I too am waiting

for the night to put me out


What is easier than not knowing

taking a burden from someone else with both hands

laying carpet

jotting down details

from sloppy navigation

compiling a list of absolutes

that always fall short


Walk into doors

only when sun light is hitting too close

to a missing home

outside, the mission is to stay alive

inside, it is to know that you can survive this.




 Life On Love’s Terms

Here I am

all fifty two and counting parts of me

running side ways in the opening

of day turned night

love’s inward momentum traveling

amidst the bruises and scratched origins

of who I’ve been

two different people some times

aching in the tooth

to get out of myself


if there is no light at the end of the tunnel

you have to provide your own

start a fire

warm your feet

cry on your shadow’s shoulder

regret is the start of a wish to do otherwise


you have been beaten down to the core

this is true

but it is not the whole story

find pen and paper

start to dream with your eyes open

when the right word hits you

commit it to memory


we surrender


we walk clear

and sometimes

forget how deep the damage really was.


Author Bio: James Diaz lives in upstate New York. His poems and stories have appeared in Collective Exile, Ditch, Pismire, Cheap Pop Lit, The Neglected Ratio and Dissident Voice.



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