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ED Dean Returns

A Simple Story of a Boy and His Dog.. For months, Jimmy begged his parents for a pet dog through his younger years. And on his twelfth year it arrived. The tiny Brittany spaniel had more stature than Jimmy’s parents … Continue reading

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Scott Thomas-Outlar

Blood and Tears Love like a broken wound Spills from a vital heart The color red is an angel This puddle on the floor is a masterpiece God wept at your beauty Designed by careful hands The sound of flesh … Continue reading

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Nancy Scott-McBride

BILLIE JEAN   Once, as I was leaving a 7-Eleven, I collided with a woman coming in. “Well hey there Billie Jean,” she laughed, “watch where you’re going, girl.” Catching my blank stare, she said, “You ARE Billie, aren’t you? … Continue reading

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Christie –Luke Jones Debuts

 Autumnal Point   Prickly hairs on denim, coffee and a charcoal breeze. Things that an adoring vampire might cherish.   Fermenting fruit that implodes underfoot, spewing forth boozy clouds of festive spice. Roman roads lined with spent Roman candles; their … Continue reading

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