John Kaniecki


by John Kaniecki

A child of incest
This pure angelic dove
Of raging raping conquest
With no tender act of love

But she is a child
Sweet, innocent
But she is a child
With nothing to repent

I see the cross
Spray  painted upon the wall
It’s a heavy cross
For one so small

Smile, dream
Let life lazily flow by
In time
For the crime
You shall scream
And cry

A child of incest
Take my trembling hand
The wages of sin
We all understand


To Candace

by John Kaniecki

Life is a journey a long perilous trail
With times of joy with  times of sorrow
With every footstep telling it’s tale
So here is wishing you a better tomorrow
For you my child have grown
And today you no longer walk alone
For in this day of wedding bliss
Two became one in a single kiss

May you learn to enjoy the sunshine
And understand the necessity of rain
In the mysterious ways of Love divine
No kindness is ever in vain
Be a shoulder to lean upon
Kiss away the pain until it is gone
Do not be afraid to weep
Never keep anger into sleep
Forgive as if it was easy
Learn to surrender freely
Look to the Lord in all things
Hope in what tomorrow brings
If the agony is too much to bear
God awaits for your anguished prayer
If you must break down and cry
Have faith there is an answer why
Share the good that you have found
Above all let Love abound

Hand in hand on the trail narrow and straight
In the hands of the Lord is your fate
Learn the true nature of amazing grace
Till the day you behold God’s face
For at the end of your trial
Our cruel cross seems more than worthwhile

One last dream to come true
May God Bless You!


A Father’s Love

by John Kaniecki

When I was young my daddy
Sat me upon his knee
He said “Son”
A man’s work is never done
So fight, fight, fight
Until  you go gently into the night

Words you know come cheap
But promises are made to keep
Daddy didn’t pass every test
But I know that he did his best

Now I see my reflection
With careful inspection
I must honestly report
That I have fallen short
But I can say this with no lie
I gave it my best try

Thank you father for your living lesson
Your Love was the best blessing
And now as I say a brief farewell
I know everything will be well
Because you taught me long ago
All I needed to know


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