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Adam Levon Brown Debuts

Opportunistic   Dead silence Breaks my fall. The darkened corners of my misbegotten laugh Crack the edges of the perforation that is my mind. The distant call of dismal reckoning Pushes the barrier of right and wrong.   Doing Time … Continue reading

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Nancy Scott-McBride

CROSSING He was my first love, a small-town boy who taught me many things, like how to drive a car, work a gear-shift, and ride on the back of a motorcycle. Mostly, he showed me how to get from where … Continue reading

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Geosi Gyasi Debuts

DANCE FOR MOTHER by Geosi Gyasi Our heritage is rooted in the hearts of our women who through many toils & heartbreaks, bring forth weeping babies at the stroke of dawn when oura men are deeply asleep. My mother died … Continue reading

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Kushal Poddar Debuts

Almost Almost was a word I spilled on the dinner table. You almost had me there. I almost kissed your mouth and obliterated a long sentence from my lips. Almost, and then we turned towards father grabbing his heart with … Continue reading

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