Adam Levon Brown Debuts

Dead silence
Breaks my fall.

The darkened corners
of my misbegotten laugh

Crack the edges of
the perforation
that is my mind.

The distant call
of dismal reckoning

Pushes the barrier
of right and wrong.


Doing Time

I sometimes sit and think about my past life
and the crimes I have committed
I wallow in guilt ridden despair,
I am morose and seem pitted

Against my own spirit and mind
What solace is out there to find?
Is this just me, or a symptom of all humankind?

I try to focus on the good times and run to reminisce
about the days I was free from my mental prison
It’s those days I cling to, and those days I miss.

What I have left is my ability to write and to rhyme;
I sit here and think about my most insidious crime;

When people ask me what I’m doing,
I just tell them “I’m doing time.”


Human Condition
This human condition placed into words;
muddied and discarded with no form
My mind going, my heart split into thirds
Mental distortion becomes the norm;
while greed is virtue, caring is for herds
Hating the weather,  riding the storm;
Was I blessed with this knowledge or was I cursed?
I am able to dance with the wind, but cry at the rain
Is there hope for us, or should I fear the worst?
Am I there for my family or am I their bane?


Adam Levon Brown is a poet residing in Eugene, Oregon. He suffers from
Schizoaffective disorder and identifies as Queer. He has two collections of poetry published with the group Creative Talents Unleashed. He has also been featured in several places including Section 8 Magazine, Leaves of Ink, and First Literary Review – East.

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