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Yes I know
she loves me

but frankly I lack
the legs formed to be a woman’s throne
for her to perch on when she wants a random kiss
during a summer night out with her friends,
the arms that are also her eagle’s wings
folded in front of her when danger springs;
my body was only ever used to being built for one,

containing muscles that connect me into one
only intact when it comes to heartless cash cow chores,
but like a desert makahiya in a throbbing storm
my humanity will crumble at her presence, a thousand year old war
proved too strong for the wall surrounding it,
it’s simply ran out of white flags to give.

But her eyes continue to whisper to me memories of summer sunrises,
sparkling effervescence, the June warmth she resonates
is simultaneously familiar and brand new,
her thoughts and words married as one,
she is a spirit synonymous only to myths others can’t believe
and she is not at all ashamed of her golden truth,

a light ten times brighter
almost to the point of blinding
compared to the double opinions
that I have of my own two feet, unable to keep still
when standing in front of her

Troy Cabida (b. 1995) is a Manila-born writer currently based in London. Some of his recent poems have appeared on WORK, Pinched, We Are A Website, Walking Is Still Honest and The Ofi Press, where his poem was translated into Spanish. He writes for Migreat and has edited for Siblíní Journal, Thought Notebook and 30 Days Dry by Robert Eric Shoemaker. He has a self-published poetry ebook, Lost in London, released in 2015. Catch him blogging at


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