Bobbie Troy

Flower Child Again

By Bobbie Troy

the lines
around my eyes
have become furrows
big enough to plant
vegetables or flowers
I choose flowers
so I can peek at them daily
and remember the sixties
when I was a flower child

Discovery (in the Sixties)
By Bobbie Troy

we thought we were
discovering ourselves
in our college years
when we drank red rose tea
and cheap chianti
smoked plenty of pot
provoked our professors
marched against the vietnam war
made love, love, love
‘til we dropped
read ginsberg and plath
levertov and patch
listened to dylan and baez
collins, hendrix, and joplin
and popped pills to keep in the groove

but what we discovered
was really an illusion
that could not be sustained
when we “grew up”
and mommy and daddy
weren’t payin’ the bills any more

If Sex Is on the Menu
By Bobbie Troy

if sex is on the menu
let’s have it for dessert
we’ll have a nice long dinner
and relearn how to flirt

we are not too old
to want
but mature enough
to wait

so if sex is on the menu
let’s have it for dessert

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4 Responses to Bobbie Troy

  1. great poems Bobbie, recalls different times yet the yearning seems the same…

  2. Claire Brown says:

    such a positive way to think about these things! I love it

  3. Dee Ann Smith says:

    I wish I could distill my thoughts into such succinct ideas and words. Another excellent group of poems, Bobbie.

  4. Roberta Troy says:

    Thank you, everyone!

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