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Halfway across a sea where the waves desire to touch the intangible sky,

My love awakes with those valiant upsurges.

Early in a winter’s morning when the parched branches buried deep into the snow,

My love awaits with the upcoming spring.

My enshrined love would leap from the soil and vanish into the air of adherence.

It would infiltrate through hollowness till it reaches your consecrated heart.

My love flies on the wings of a butterfly and turns into nectar within a flower.

It would embrace the scarlet sky and free the wind with its aromatic invasion.

Miles into a desert where an incapacitated flower wearied by the impetuous wind,

My love approaches with the faraway clouds.

Deep into a forest where a slender river lost its way through the shrubs,

My love pleads with the roar of an ocean.

My resonating love would impart from the Sun and diminish with a liquescent candle.

It would spread the horizon, until the stupendous sky falls down and submerges into you.

My susceptible love would travel through the ruins of empires and infiniteness of the space.

It would gather all the souvenirs of time and turn the galaxy into your dwelling place.

Sayantan Dasgupta is a 23 year old boy from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of Calcutta. He persuaded his Masters degree in Linguistics from the same university. His poem was previously published in The Commonline Journal. He writes poems, essays and short stories in both his mothertounge Bengali and English.


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