John D. Robinson Debuts


A friday night and
I can remember it was
summer and a group
of 7 or 8 of us 16
and 17 year olds
were going into town
to get drunk and leer
at the girls;
as Bernard stepped
outside to join us
his mother appeared
in the doorway and
“Where are you going
“Into town to get
smashed with my
friends” her son
“Don’t you lie to me
now, tell me, where
are you going?” she
asked again;
“Into town to get drunk”
Bernard repeated “with
my friends”
“Now boy” she said
sternly “don’t fool me
around, tell me where
you’re going or I’ll
call for your father!”
“Okay ma” Bernard said,
“I’m going to the park
to sniff some glue and
then I’m going to
hang around outside
the women’s toilets”
“Well, why didn’t you
Tell me that in the first
place and make sure
quiet when you get
back” she said
slamming the door

John D Robinson was born in 63 in the UK; his poems have appeared widely in the small press and online literary journals; Bareback Lit; Red Fez; Dead Snakes; Chicago Record; The Kitchen Poet; Yellow Mama; Zombie Logic Review; Mad Swirl; Your One Phone Call; He is married with 1 daughter, 2 grandchildren, 3 cats, 1 dog and likes to drink wine whilst listening to classical music.


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