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The city of dead lilacs
—Sunil Sharma

The lilacs are dead. They never get a chance here!
Every nook and corner, in Rochester, NY,
you find them in bloom, flooding the area
with the invigorating scent that uplifts.
But here, in this grey mega city
in the broad streets and narrow houses
the lilacs pink and white grow stunted
in the dainty corners—and then die fast
emitting a putrid air that puts the viewer off.
The global travelers find this fact— odd!
In this city of malls multiplexes international cuisines
fancy cars casinos call-girls packaged goods and exotic flowers
the lilacs in the yards, corners, the gardens or
graveyards—bloom not, ‘Coz, in the spring every year
frosty winds come unbidden from mountains far-off
turning the windows and hearts into a frozen state
and kill the tender lilacs that remain un-mourned
like the poor kids found dead in winter on the rough streets.


Mumbai-based, Sunil Sharma writes prose and poetry, apart from doing literary journalism and freelancing. A senior academic, he has been published in some of the leading international journals and anthologies. Sunil has got three collections of poetry, one collection of short fiction, one novel and co-edited five books of poetry, short fiction and literary criticism.
Recipient of the UK-based Destiny Poets’ inaugural Poet of the Year award—2012.
Another notable achievement is his select poems were published in the prestigious UN project: Happiness: The Delight-Tree-2015. He edits monthly Setu, a bilingual journal published from Pittsburgh, USA.


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