Laura Zucca-Scott

The following is a non-literal translation of the winning poetry for the “Firenze Capitale d’Europa” award (Section C – theme poetry). The poem is making reference to the 1966 flood that devastated the city of Florence and to the people from all over the world who came to help.


Mud Angels

Merciless rain
A time long gone
Mud Angels
From many places
Wrapped their wings
Against devastation and pain

An astonished Florence
A soft whisper
Of indomitable spirits
A presence so simple and pure

When I look into your eyes
From a picture of that time
I wonder where you are now
And what you remember of those days
Of water and fire
A solitary angel

A promise of newfound humanity


As written by Laura Zucca-Scott:

My hometown, Livorno, in Italy, was hit very hard by a storm (something like this has never happened before). My Dad called me to let me know that they were okay. Unfortunately 9 people lost their lives. The city is flooded in many areas and there is mud and destruction everywhere. Thankfully, people got together to help each other and start the cleaning up process. I am afraid it will take years before things go back to normal. And, unfortunately, the loss of human lives cannot be reversed. Many of the buildings withstood the force of the water and the mudslide otherwise many more would have lost their lives. It is not very different from what happened in other areas like Florida and Texas, only it is much more localized, and it is the result of a strong storm with lots of rain, a tornado along the coast, and a lot of other  concurrent unfavorable factors.
In the poem, I am trying to pay homage to the people who are suffering because of these events



Hope Is My Hometown
By Laura Zucca-Scott

Hope is my hometown
devastated by water and mud
Hope is the tears of the people
Who lost everything
In the rage of a night
And see no tomorrow

Hope is the people
With broken backs
And broken spirits
Who still will not rest

Hope is the sunset
That still shines
On the rocks
By the beach
Coloring tomorrow
Of indigo blue and pink
Hope is a lonely seagull
Taking flight
Searching for
A new day




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