Harris Tobias’ Poetic Side


Life spreads itself before us
Such a profligate display
New seconds freshly minted
Old seconds cast away
A table stretching endlessly
The dishes all first rate
You can eat how ever much you want
But you only have one plate
Look at all the choices
A lifetime’s worth at least
And it will take a lifetime
To finish such a feast
I know it seems chaotic
Everything in disarray
Yet it’s not without its order
There are rules you must obey
Though the atmosphere’s congenial
The rules are set in stone
You’re not allowed to share your plate
You have to eat alone
No seconds are permitted
So choose well how you dine
You only get one chance
To taste before that dish is gone
No seconds and no sharing
It’s a small price to pay
For such exquisite dining
At the banquet of your days
You can stuff yourself with pastries
No one cares and no one sees
Or simply sip demurely
On a variety of teas
And if you’re filled to bursting
Alas, there is no take away
You can always top things off
With a fine cafe au lait
And when the meal is finally finished
And the feastings at an end
You signal for the bill of fare
But you’ve nothing left to spend
You call the waiter over
Turn your pockets inside out
He escorts you grimly from the hall
Banquet’s over,
All lights out.


About vision791

Pushcart nominee Jeanette Cheezum has been published on several online writing sites and in fifteen Anthology books and four poetry books. Three of these books have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. Awarded The Helium Networks Premium Writer’s Badge, Bronze Creative Writing Award and a Marketplace Writers award. Recently she has published fourteen ebooks at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You may find a list of some of her work at www.hamptonroadswriters.org
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  1. bobbietroy says:

    Wow, I like this. Much food for thought, no pun intended.

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