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Into the earthquake  By Fabrice Poussin   Searching in the obstructed view of a somber avenue, the hours have passed into oblivion, frozen; asphalt rugged, damp, spotted with the puddles of yesterday’s fete, only the abandoned canine,   lost, what … Continue reading

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Sandy Patton

Sandy Patton is a Norfolk, Virginia native.  She is a member of Virginia Beach Writers, Hampton Roads Writers, and Poetry Society of Virginia.  In Sunlight & Shadows, Poems from The Seasons of Life is her first Chapbook. Her honors include … Continue reading

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Neil Ellman

Symphonic Poem—Fine Day  (after the painting by Saturo Hashegama) It is a perfect day to hear the music of the wind violins gently playing songs on gentler leaves and chimes mimicking the sound of birds a fine day, indeed, to … Continue reading

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John Grey

NAMEPLATE   I sit in a cube with a nameplate on its outside wall so visitors can readily identify the occupant. Other than my breath and perhaps the blinking of my eyes, nothing heralds my existence like those eight letters imprinted … Continue reading

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Harris Tobias

Otto They called him Otto, the great desperado, But really he wasn’t that great He would ride into town Turn lives upside down But the town’s population was eight There was Nelle, the town belle, And bartender Zelle And a … Continue reading

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