Sandy Patton

Sandy Patton is a Norfolk, Virginia native.  She is a member of Virginia Beach Writers, Hampton Roads Writers, and

Poetry Society of Virginia.  In Sunlight & Shadows, Poems from The Seasons of Life is her first Chapbook.

Her honors include winning the First Place Award for Poetry for Swan Song Seduction, at the Hampton Roads Writers Conference, 2013, and for her poem, Shelter, currently displayed at the Virginia Beach SPCA.

This poem was written for her daughter, Alyssa.

My Mermaid

In early years, any attempt to brush

or comb through wild, untamed

locks proved futile.  I prayed neighbors

wouldn’t call the police upon hearing

the theatrical shrieks of pain coming

from our daughter at bath time.

At four, with a Kool-Aid mustache grin,

hands on hips, and a toss of blond curls,

my impish child firmly announced,

“I’m a mermaid,” and that was that.

And, indeed, she fit the image in every way,

except of course, for the detail of the tail.

This enchanting, eternal child of the sea

relished those carefree, bathing suit days,

where blazing sun and salt water ocean

bronzed her skin, adding highlights of gold

and silver threads to honey-colored tresses,

gathered up in her perpetual ponytail.

She danced at water’s edge, swam with the

expertise of a her beloved mermaids,

built sandcastles, raced the waves to shore.

She’d breathe in familiar scents of sea air

laced with tropical oils, smile,

and know she was home.

Time drifted deliciously by,

and it was there, on that white stretch

of beach, my charming chameleon

came of age, transforming from sunburned

Tomboy to sun-kissed beauty; a cascade of

curls tumbling all around, catching light.

Summers fly by, and it seems I’ve only

blinked, and now before me stands a

breathtaking woman, witty, brilliant,

a huge heart, so confident in her skin,

so certain of who she is, where she’s

going, and what she wants.

And always, the pull of the ocean

will flow through her veins,

soothing her spirit, calling her name

like a lost child,

beckoning her home.

My magical, mystical mermaid

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